About I Love Tea

I Love Tea offers information about tea tastings, tea places, health benefits, how to brew tea etc. It also contains information about my travels and my personal view on life. You can also find and buy organic tea form the first woldwide collection of organic teas and easy to use selection of brand, type etc. (organic-tea.org)

I Love Tea and Organic Tea hope to contribute to   

  • a world where we protect animals and nature, based on organic and sustainable use of our common natural ressources 
  • a world  with respect for each other across cultural diffences where we can travel and meet each other and create a better world together
  • a world with an fair distribution of goods and room to follow our individual dreams inside and outside organisations
  • a world with a lot af web-stuff, movies, books, art etc helping us to think, discuss and create a better world together

My personal tea history

I drink a lot of tea, and love every aspect of tea, partly because of the great taste universe that goes with it. A cup of tea can also give you feelings of peace, comfort, warmth, and help you relax and escape the world for a while. Not bad for a simple plant ♥

My passion for tea started, in fact with coffee. I drank a lot of coffee at one time. When I was in my late 20’s, I started getting heartburn, every single time I took a cup of coffee. This is one of the reasons I developed a passion for tea.

A cup of tea is almost the first thing I think of when I wake up.

My passions are ecology, the environment, animal welfare, human rights and gender equality. I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years. I eat mostly raw food, but I also eat fish once in a while to make it a little easier to eat out.

In addition, I’ve lived in Copenhagen for 25 years, and 12 of them, I’ve shared with Mogens, ( who I often refer to as ‘the Gentleman’

My purpose for this blog is my increasing passion for writing and finding it fun to write about my great tea experiences: also a little about life as it looks from here.

My many years as a tea drinker have given me fairly extensive knowledge of tea. Some of my posts about tea come from the tea-expert Alexis Kaae. For several years, she has trained to become a tea expert and she has the company Simplytea.dk.

Additionally, I study tea for myself, and I search for any documentation that can prove or disprove the various effects of tea. This can be found under ‘Tea and health’.

FYI: I also drink wine and champagne

My very best greetings